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Stainless Steel Diamond Pad Eye

Stainless Steel Diamond Pad Eye

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The diamond pad eye is made from high-quality stainless steel 316 and gives the ultimate hold for commercial shade sail systems. Just fasten the parts to the supporting structure prior to raising and completing the install of the outdoor fabric. This is a core piece to properly installing any tension canopy.



Max Working Load Size
90mm 1,686 lbs. (766 kg) 90 mm x 55 mm (3.54 in x 2.17 in)
100mm 1,911 lbs. (869 kg) 100 mm x 62 mm (4 in x 2.44 in)


**Note/ Disclaimer** The finished structure should be properly designed by a professional engineer and installed by a qualified contractor in accordance with local building codes. It is the responsibility of the fabricator within these parameters to determine the proper hardware for a particular installation.

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