We Offer Installation!
We are excited to offer installation services across most of the contiguous state of Texas. In order to obtain a quote, please email, call, or simply add the product of your choice to a quote, fill out a little information and be sure to check the box to request installation pricing. For installation, be sure the area is free of debris and any underlying issues that would make digging difficult.  Each customer takes responsibility for their own site prep, permitting, and mulch/surfacing unless otherwise arranged. We do not take responsibility for permitting — you should consult your local authorities or construction professionals as needed.

Can I Install This?
While the short answer is yes, please be careful. We have had many customers install shades themselves leading to a resulting sagging & sinking structure which in turn led us to reinstalling it for them. However. with the right talent and equipment, it may not go as smoothly as it does for our professional installation crews, but it can be done as a budget-conscious solution for smaller projects such as residential! Please take note that installing a shade structure is a construction project. There will be quite a bit of digging and work to balance and set up your shade structure. Most people don’t realize how involved putting together a large commercial grade structure can be.
Mounting Options, Depending on the Product
When it comes to shade structures, there are a few options for mounting. Which one you choose generally depends upon your installation area and surface/soil.
In Ground Mount– In Ground Mount is the most common system. That is when you bury the pole directly into the ground using rebar and concrete.
Surface Mount – Surface Mount is mounted and bolted directly to a stable and solid surface. This approach would be ideal for a concrete pad or a pool area, for example. Anchor bolts and plates are generally required for this footer type.
Uncommon Mounting Types – (We Can Quote Upon Request) – 
Recessed Mounting– Recessed Mounting is where the shade structure is mounted onto a concrete footer that is buried. 
Spread Footers– Used when there is an issue with the depth or soil in the installation area. The shade posts are not as long as with other mounts and requires more concrete and labor to install. 
Anchors– Anchoring to an existing structure such as posts, buildings, and roofs is only recommended for small tension projects.